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1. How does a Merchant Cash Advance differ from a business loan?

You only repay when you get paid. There are no fixed repayments or repayment term: A Merchant Cash Advance works by taking a small percentage of your daily card takings until it is repaid in full.


2. What are the criteria?

You must have been trading a minimum of 2 years, and have a minimum monthly turnover of £6,000.At least £3,000 a month must be in card sales through a card terminal.


3. How much could you get?

We provide Merchant Cash Advances from £3,000 to £500,000. How much you could get will depend on your monthly turnover and card sales.


4. How long does it take?

Our Merchant Cash Advance is another fast funding solution. The whole process through to funding typically takes just a few days (but this may depend on the card acquirer).


5. How do repayments work?

Our Merchant Cash Advance is designed to be flexible and affordable for you. You only repay when they get paid and there’s no fixed term.

Repayments are easy and hassle-free. They work by taking a small percentage of your card revenue. When things are going well, you will pay back more. But if the business is having a leaner period, you will pay back a smaller amount. Repayments are collected automatically via their card terminal – so there’s no more worrying about remembering to make repayments.


6. Will you need to switch your card terminal provider?

No - our flexible funding solutions are designed to work around their business. We will work around your current arrangement and keep paperwork and set-up to a minimum.


7. How does this Merchant Cash Advance differ from other providers?

Our Merchant Cash Advance is the most flexible on the market. How much we can lend is based on the total business turnover (and not just card revenue) – so there’s a higher chance of being approved for a larger amount. We work with all of the major card terminal providers, and with very little paperwork, our process is also one of the fastest and simplest. Finally, if a Merchant Cash Advance isn’t suitable for you, we may still be able to offer our loan product -

Cash Advance

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