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The fastest and simplest business loan on the market.


Bangor Pub £10,000 For Fittings..Lurgan Store £50,000 For Refurbishment.. London Café £20,000 For Equipment

Get £3k to £500k within 24 hours

Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Services Made Simple

Business Cash Advance A Better Alternative To Bank Loans

  • Clear Credit Cards

  • Training New Staff

  • Debt Consolidation

  • Clear Your Mortgage

  • Working Capital

  • Refurbishment

  • Help With Cashflow

  • New Equipment


  • Recruiting Staff

  • Vehicle Finance

  • Fleet Vehicle Finance

  • Industrial Vehicle Finance

  • Open Another Business

  • Property Investment

  • Building Websites

  • Take A Holiday

Every business is unique and what you do with your Cash is your Business not ours

Merchant Cash Advance

Why A Merchant Cash Advance?

You can get funded over and over again - Use for whatever purpose you choose

No long term payments to worry about - Bad Credit applicants welcome

The Cash Advance is a super quick short-term loan to use for any purpose you choose.

Rather than taking weeks to put in place, the money can be in your account within hours.

It’s cash ready to go when you are.

  • Pay back through your future card sales

  • Choose your own term

  • Unsecured - There's no worry

  • Same day funding for your Business

  • Improve Cashflow

  • Use for any purpose

How It Works

The process of getting a Merchant Loan Advance is easier, faster and far less time consuming than a traditional bank loan.

Once you have been approved the funds can be released to your business within hours.

You Keep All Your Cash Sales - No Personal Guarantees Required

It’s a fast way to raise funds for your Business

You can also choose the term to pay back the Cash Advance which allows you to pay the exact % per transaction that you wish

Borrow against your Card Processing Turnover

You can update and add to the Loan amount ongoing when you need to

Start accepting Credit Cards

Where you can see this message you can be absolutely sure this business is paying far more than it should for the Card Processing Service. 


Cut your Card Processing Fees
  • Adverstising

  • Relocation

  • Pay Bills

  • Emergency Repairs

A Merchant or Business Cash Advance is a short term cash injection of between £3,000 and £500,000 which works with you to support your cash-flow and business needs.

Unlike traditional Bank Loans there is no APR or hidden costs!

You borrow against your monthly Card Terminal turnover and only agree on a clear and comfortable cost that is paid back via a small % of your card transactions, typically over 6 to 9 months as a fixed percentage of your future credit & debit card sales.

 No fixed monthly payments to worry about­

Loan Application Apporoved

Merchant Cash Advance the fast way to fund your Business